Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's In A Name

       "I want Rocco!"

       "I don't like Rocco!  I want his name to be Mr. Coffee."

       "That's a dumb name."

       "Now boys, be kind."

       "How about Herbert?"

       "I really like Branko, it means . . ."

       "Mom, we don't care what the name means.  We just don't want to be embarrassed by it."

       "I like Sentry."


That's about what it sounded like around here when the question of names came up.  We loved all of your input, votes and suggestions.  We think you all should get puppies too, then all those cute names can be put to use.

But alas, we had to make a decision.  The back and forth banter of names was still popping around when suddenly, the name "REX" flashed through my head.

      "What about the name Rex?"  The room was silent for just a fleeting second and then . . .

      "I like it."

      "I like it too."

      "You do?"

     "Yeah, I do."

      "Me too."

      "Okay, Rex it is. Everybody happy?"

A simultaneous "Yeah!" sounded and all was calm again

               . . . . at least until . . . .

"What's his middle name gonna be?"


  1. How about "Rx" for an abbreviation? (Just what the Dr. ordered!) He sure sounds like a Tremendously KING-size (T-Rex?) help! :-) Hallelujah!
    Celebrating with you-- (esp. after the funds are found!)

  2. I didn't see this one when making my other suggestions--REX is perfect!