Sunday, March 4, 2012

Can't Catch Me!

Callie . . . . .Dog#2

Callie - - Our second brush with the unbelievable.

It was a warm, sunny day, and my friend and neighbor, KL, was outside with her puppy, Callie.  The boys and their friends were running and playing on the lawn, Callie's lawn.  The excitement of wild boys with squirt guns, wide-open grassy lawns and chatty moms was almost too much for little Callie - Nothing could stop her. . . . nothing,  . . . . EXCEPT . . . a little guy with diabetes.

Little Guy was running, squirtin' his gun, laughing and playing with Callie.  The two were having fun - playing a game of "Can't catch me!" - Callie running away, then Little Guy switching it out and getting Callie to chase him - unabashed, footloose and tail-waggin' FUN!

But then the the tone of their play changed.  Instead of "You Can't Catch Me!," Callie was switching it out to a more insistent sniffing, nose-pushing, paw jumping session that Little Guy couldn't get away from.  He was squatted down on his knees and she was pushing him backwards onto his rump with her nose and paws.  Again, it seemed like something more than just "play".  Remembering our experience with Sonja earlier that summer, I pulled out the glucometer from his kit and pricked his little finger.   Callie, who never calmed down on her own volition in the midst of so much excitement, immediately sat down next to Little Guy.

Blood sugar read "55".

"You're low.  Drink this juice," I snapped in my worried state.   Squatting down next to him, I looked at the colorless pallor of his skin and beady sweat droplets poised on his nose.  I held the juice box straw to his lips as he sucked it in.  It was then that I noticed the little fluff of white fur next to his legs.   "Look at Callie.  Does she usually sit like this, so still and at such attention?"

"No.  Never.  This is very unlike her," replied KL in amazement.

"I think she sensed his blood sugar low," I observed.

KL said, "Wow.  I can't get her to settle down at all unless I remove her from the excitement and take her inside.  This is very unusual."

Just then, Callie got up on all fours, ears pricked up and ran off to the other boys.  Was Callie giving the A-OK signal by getting up and leaving his side?   I re-checked his blood sugar.  The glucometer read "94."  "You're okay again," I said to Little Guy.  "Just eat this snack and go play."

Within seconds, the two were at it again - "Can't catch me!"

KL and I looked at each other in disbelief, wondering . . . how in the world did all that happen?

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