Friday, March 16, 2012

Presenting . . . Our D.A.D., Rex!

Rex - at 9 weeks old, learning how to sit
16 days and counting 'til we get our little pup, Rex! We went and visited him in Virginia at Warren Retrievers (the breeder) and learned that "He likes to work!"  The trainer said that out of the whole bunch of D.A.D.s being trained presently, Rex is her favorite because he really likes to train.  When you tell him to sit with a treat, he actually keeps his little behind seated on the ground waiting for the next command (and treat!).  What an answer to prayer!  We have prayed and prayed for this little dog that the Lord will equip him with  superior scent recognition for blood sugars and a brain and personality that is ready to work and ready to learn.  He will have much to do taking care of Big Guy and Little Guy (and playing "fetch" in between!).  As we visited with Rex and his trainer, the boys were laughing as Rex ran around on the slippery floor, slipping and sliding into their shoes.

Big Guy, my husband, Little Guy - lovin' on Rex

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  1. Yay! So exciting! It's hard to believe a pup not even 2 months old can be trained for such an important job.. Fantastic!