Sunday, March 4, 2012

WE HAVE A PUPPY!!!!!  Get up and dance, shout a hallelujah, stomp your feet!  I am so excited, I can barely contain myself.  Now hold on - (Oh, do we have to?!)  We don't actually HAVE the puppy here at the house.  The breeder (Warren Retrievers) has chosen our puppy out of the litter and designated it as Our Puppy.   But it's there, in Virginia, growing and waiting and learning the first steps of how to be our D.A.D.  So, so exciting!  We'll get pictures soon, I hope, and we'll be receiving it in mid to late March.  That's soon!  I've been eyeing the dog beds and dog toys at Costco these past few weeks; now I get to buy them!

I have a favor from you all, if you please.  Our dog is a male, chocolate labrador retriever, who has superior scent detection and is mid to high energy (in order to keep up with two active boys).  We have come up with some possible names, but we need your opinion.  Here are our thoughts of names (in random order):

  • Bruno - means "brown" in german
  • Milo
  • Rocco - means "Rest"
  • Branko - means "Protected Glory" in Serbian (we would pronounce it like Bronco, even though the Serbian pronunciation is Bran-ko, because we kinda like the sound of Bronco but like the meaning of Bran-ko.  Isn't this getting too complicated?
  • Sentry - you know, for "Protector"
  • Apollo  - god of protection (among other things)
  • Osman - means "God's Protection"
  • Garrison - means stronghold, protection
  • Schuyler - means scholar, protection
  • Muddy - keeping with the "brown/chocolate" theme
  • Albert - means "noble, bright"
  • Mr. Coffee - need I say more?
This dog is going to be busy protecting the boys EVERY DAY, that's why we've thought of so many "protector" names.  Any other ideas?  We welcome your suggestions!

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  1. I love your list of names! I also like how you have thought about the meaning of the name--very cool. I have just a few suggestions based on our experience with dogs:
    1. Pick a name with one or two syllables--we usually pick a two syllable name--easier to say than longer name (so maybe not Apollo, Garrison, or Mr. Coffee).
    2. Pick a name that's easy to pronounce--not too many blends (so maybe not Sentry?).
    3. Pick a name with a strong vowel--ee or oh or er--good when calling the dog (you have lots of good ones for this--Bruno, Milo, Branko, Schuyler, Rocco).
    4. Avoid a name that sounds like a common command like "sit" or "stay" (so maybe not Sentry?).
    5. Think about whether you are comfortable calling out the name in public at a park or whether the funny name will get old (yours seem good for that--but maybe not Mr. Coffee?.
    6. Pick a name your kids like!